The Best Personal Alarm for Elderly in Australia

Are you looking for personal alarm systems for the elderly? Let us introduce you to Care@Home. An award-winning smart alarm system and monitoring for the elderly. With activity monitoring, advanced fall detection technologies, voice-activated alerts, and emergency response pendants, Care@Home allows the elderly to maintain their independence and provides peace of mind for loved ones. If you’re looking for the best personal alarm system for a loved one, have you considered Care@Home?

Ensuring total security and safety

The Care@Home package comes equipped with peripheral devices that capture the movements of those needing monitoring and automatically transforms the information into data, keeping those who need to know, in the know. This is all thanks to a user-friendly and intuitive mobile app that presents and notified nominated caregivers of the movements of their loved ones.

With ease and simplicity, strategically installed peripheral devices continuously and automatically monitor, detect and send notifications to family members 24/7, including morning wake and well alerts, bathroom visits, access to the fridge for food, and even falls via a revolutionary radar fall detector sensor.

Emergency alert pendants

Care@Home boasts unique and beautifully designed alert pendants that work both within the home or via Bluetooth. If your loved one goes shipping or walking around the block, you can go about your day knowing that your loved one is never out of range. The Care@Home Emergency Alert Pendants have built-in voice recognition devices which can automatically call 24/7 monitoring stations or family when the elderly family member is incapable of moving or not in possession of emergency pendants or call buttons.

Personal Alarm System Inclusions

The Care@Home Smart Alarm System includes the following technology:

  • Voice Panic Detector
    The Voice Panic Detector allows elderly residents to receive emergency attention even in situations where they are unable to activate available panic buttons via voice recognition.

  • PIR Detector & Animal Immune Lens
    The PIR Detector & Animal Immune Lens is a detector that tells the difference between humans and pets. You’ll know you’re in good hands with the advanced capabilities of this wireless motion detector, because being able to differentiate between human and pets is vital to accurate monitoring.

  • Magnetic Sensor
    Would you like to monitor when a door or window is opened or closed? With the Magnetic Sensor you can. This sensor is designed to be installed magnetically to doors and windows in the home.

  • Stationary Panic Button
    Wireless and stationary emergency panic button that can be placed anywhere around the house.

  • Smoke Detector
    A standalone, peripheral smoke detector for fire protection. Because we all need to be protected by smoke and fires.

  • Water Leak Detector
    Designed for installation in flood-hazardous areas, the water leak detector provides an early warning of developing floods.

  • Motion Detector Sense Radar
    Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and an advanced fall detection algorithm, this wireless fall sensor does not require the resident to wear any detection device.

  • Emergency Pendant Active
    Detect falls and signal emergency situations with innovative, wearable emergency devices.
  • Emergency Pendant Active Jewellery
    We’ve turned the emergency pendant active into a jewellery piece, so you can wear it around your neck with confidence.

  • Emergency Pendant Plus
    Take your emergency pendant a step further with the Emergency Pendant Plus. Any deviation from the wearers daily routine will alert healthcare service providers or family members. As a result, enabling proactive, personal and real-time care anywhere, anytime.

  • Emergency Pendant Plus Jewellery
    A jewellery version of the plus emergency pendant, ensuring deviation from the resident’s daily routine is tracked and carers are alerted.