Smart Technology to Enrich Lives

Globe SmartLife

At Globe SmartLife (GSL) we are committed to delivering seamless, trouble-free IoT solutions—and our products speak for themselves. Associated with the Globe group of companies specialising in telecommunications and wireless services, Globe Smart Life offers lifestyle tech products in three key areas;

• Home Security
• Home Automation
• Assisted Smart Aged Care

Our products are the future of automated living, the key to fortifying yet simplifying security. They’re revolutionising households and business, completely changing the face of aged care.

Globe SmartLife customers range from providers within the security and healthcare industries, to businesses and homeowners.

Peace of mind is our priority, and Globe SmartLife is here to take care of you; whether it’s streamlining your security systems, making independent living possible and aged care easier, or helping you help others live a fuller and more connected life.

Globe Wireless

Globe Wireless (GW) was established back in 2013 to further enhance Globe Telecoms strong Security Business.

Back then, Globe Wireless recognised an opportunity for a niche wireless product to service back to base security customers as a consequence of the NBN rollout.

Together with a leading Wireless Security manufacturer, a unique 3G/4G wireless product was developed specifically for GW offering a wireless communications solution for the security monitoring industry.

Having established many long-standing relationships with Security Bureaus through Globe Telecom, GW soon became a leading supplier of both wireless and PSTN replacement products.

Globe Wireless continues to grow this market and plays an important role in our valued customers ongoing revenue opportunities.

Globe Telecom

Globe Telecom (GT) is a leading telecommunications wholesaler with extensive calling services experience. In operation for more than 18 years, Globe has developed an enviable reputation for supplying niche solutions to the following services:

• Inbound Services – 13, 1300, 1800 numbers
• Outbound Services
• SIP Trunks
• GEO Numbers

Strong, long term and direct relationships with our suppliers (VOCUS and TPG), has allowed us to build systems and Web Portals to support our valued customer base.


Building on our previous success in the Telco and Security Industries, GSL is committed to finding the most innovative and proven lifestyle tech products available. Our search led us to Essence, a renowned world leader with more than 50 million devices installed across the globe.

The privately held Essence Group of companies share a single purpose: to solve real-life problems that make customers lives better which has been achieved by developing and manufacturing their WeR@Home and Care@Home products. With an impressive installed base of 50 million devices deployed by Tier-1 service providers worldwide, together with wholesale partners, Essence delivers best-of-breed technologies and “the next big thing” that enables us to offer market-leading connected living services and solutions that create a better future.

For over 25 years, The Essence Group has been committed to developing innovative solutions that support constant growth and enable people to live fuller, better, and more connected lives. From state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and rigorous testing and QA, Essence is dedicated to delivering reliable products and high-quality service.

In highly competitive, rapidly changing markets, speed is of the essence. Making a better life possible is a never-ending quest and this means never resting on their past achievements. Essence continue to raise the bar, in search of next-generation IoT solutions that expand success and making them proud to be leaders in shaping the future of connected living.