LED Colour Bulb

LED Colour Bulb

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RGBW bulb that offers 16 million colours and includes dedicated LEDs specific to both daytime and warm white colours. Features dimming, 9 watts and CRI of 80. Fittings include Bayonet B22.

Intelligent, Z-Wave lighting is finally made simple. With LED Bulb from Aeotec, Z-Wave lighting control moves from the hard-wired switch and direct to an easily installed bulb. Easy is the key word. Easy to integrate. Easy to install. Easy to operate. Easy to dim. LED Bulb removes all the compatibility issues that are a part of other Z-Wave lighting solutions, building all the control and technology right into the bulb.

And it does so at a very high quality. LED Bulb outputs perfect pure white light. That perfect quality light is measured at 750 lumens and is completely dimmable making LED Bulb easy to install and beautiful to be hold.

Features Include:

  • 9W LED bulb, 750 lumens and emits 16 million colours
  • Fully dimmable and long lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Plug and play, and also acts as a Z-Wave signal repeater
  • Security Z-Wave device and supports the over the air (OTA) feature for the product’s firmware upgrade

More Info:

View Manual Here.